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Kaushik Dutta

Kaushik Dutta started his photography career in early 2011 and excelled in the themes of wildlife, nature and fashion. His skill in capturing unique sequences through the camera has earned  him remarkable fame both in India and abroad. In many of his wildlife photography expeditions he has collaborated with world class international photographers from National Geography,Animal Planet and other well known organisations. Some of his unique wildlife photos have been nominated and displayed in the websites of BBC World Wildlife Photography Forum and Coena Photography Websites (USA). Till now, his wildlife ventures have covered different Reserve Forests of India and abroad.

His works are regularly displayed at different exhibitions in Nandan Art Gallery, Gaganendra Art Gallery, Sarat Sadan Art Gallery(Kolkata)and many others. His work has been highlighted through full page press releases of different editions, for renowned Photography tabloids and has been released for public circulation at the Kolkata International Book Fair 2017.  A Wildlife Calendar for the Year 2017 consisting of 12 Unique Sequences of Wildlife Photos of 50 editions, has been published and released at Kolkata International Book Fair 2017 and has bagged enormous public responses. One of his photos has also been selected for display in this year’s Golden Book Of Photography. He has also gathered some unique sequences from 25000 – 35000 ft above sea level and has a rare collection of high altitude photography. Apart from these, his works on nature photography are equally admirable and mention worthy.