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Sandeep Suneriya

Education -- G.D.Art Drawing and Painting in 2007; Art Teacher Diploma (A.T.D), 2008; B.F.A. Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Fine Art (Pune), 2011; Post Diploma in Graphics Art Faculty of Fine Art M.S.University (Baroda) 2013.

Awards and Honours -- Emerging Artist Award Prafulla Dahanuker Art Foundation, (Mumbai) 2015; Best Graphics Award Birla Academy of Art & Culture (Kolkata) 2015; Consolations Prize CVM National Art Exhibition, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand (Gujarat), 2015; 3rd Prize in International Biennale of Small Graphics (Romania) 2014; NDMC Award for 100 New Delhi Municipal Council Centenary Celebration (New Delhi) 2014; Best Graphics Award Gujarat Kala Pratisthan (Surat) 2014; 1st Award in Graphics Gujarat State Lalit Kala Academy (Ahmedabad), 2014; 2nd Award in Graphics The Art Society of India (Mumbai) 2014; 1st Award in Graphics AIFACS Art Competition (New Delhi) 2013; 1st Award Gujarat Kala Pratisthan (Surat) 2013; Jeram Patel  Best Display Award in Graphics Fine Art Faculty M.S.U (Baroda) 2013; V.V.Oak Barrister Lokmanya Tilak Award (Pune) 2013; V.S. Wakankar Gold Medal Kalavart Nyas (Ujjain) 2013; 1st Award in Kokuyo Camlin Ltd.Best Entry Kalavart Nyas (Ujjain) 2012;1st Award in Graphics South Central Zone Cultural Centre (Nagpur) 2012; 1st Award in Graphics Gujarat State Lalit Kala Academy (Ahmedabad) 2012; Pannachisha Maharashtra Award (Pune) 2011; V.S.Wakankar Gold Medal Kalavart Nyas (Ujjain) 2011; Best Realistic Award Gujarat Kala Pratisthan (Surat) 2011; Best Drawing Award Gujarat Kala Pratisthan (Surat) 2011; D.J.Joshi Merit Certificate Award Kalavart Nyas (Ujjain) 2011; Prize Award Mega Art Event Dharmanandan Diamonds (Surat) 2011; 3rd Prize Annual Art Exhibition B.Vidyapeeth College of Fine Arts (Pune) 2011; Best Graphics Award Gujarat Kala Pratisthan (Surat) 2010; Gold Medal Manav Sanket Academy (Ujjain) 2010; Silver Medal Manav Sanket Academy (Ujjain) 2010;  D.J.Joshi Merit Certificate Kalavart Nyas (Ujjain) 2010; 1st Award All India Peace Painting Festival (Bardoli-Surat) 2010; 29. 1st N.S.Bendre Award Kalavart Nyas (Ujjain) 2009; International Best Drawing Award Shamshad Hussain Kalavart Nyas (Ujjain) 2009; Gold Medal Manav Sanket Academy (Ujjain) 2008; Jury Award Manav Sanket Academy (Ujjain) 2008; 1st  Award Gujarat Kala Pratisthan (Surat) 2008; Best landscape Award Gujarat Kala Pratisthan (Saputara-Surat) 2007;  Gold Medal Manav Sanket Academy (Ujjain) 2007; 2nd Award Gujarat Kala Pratisthan (Surat) 2007; 3rd Award Place in Surat District Legal Services Authority (Mandvi-Surat) 2006; 2nd Award Manav Sanket Academy (Ujjain) 2006; 2nd Award Nashabandi Art Competition (Mandvi-Surat) 2005; 3rd Award Manav Sanket Academy (Ujjain) 2005; 1st Award Best Still Life 3rd Sanskrutik Kala Competition (Surat) 1997.


Gujarat State Lalit Kala Academy. (Ahmedabad) 2012-13.

While deceptively simple at first glance, Sandeep Suneriya's artwork is a mix of strong realism and artwork. The artist uses sharp lines, intricate details and carefully chosen colours to create his eye catching etchings. Shading plays a large but subtle role in each image.

 The artist lives and works in Surat.